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Representing the 4th District of Arkansas
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Economy and Jobs

Beware of politicians who promise to create jobs, because only businesses and entrepreneurs—not politicians—can create jobs. What government can and should do is ensure a free-market, job-friendly environment where businesses and entrepreneurs have the certainty and incentives to invest, innovate, grow, and hire.

In Congress, I will support pro-growth policies that give the private sector the confidence and certainty to start hiring again.  Job creators need a tax code that is permanent, fair, and simple with low rates. They need federal bureaucrats to get off their backs and stand by their sides. And they need a federal government that doesn’t spend, borrow, and inflate its way to bankruptcy.

By contrast, President Obama’s failed policies have attacked and undermined the private sector for years. The Obama stimulus blew a trillion-dollar hole in the federal budget even as unemployment continued to skyrocket—to over 10%, despite promises that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. Now, President Obama wants to double down with nothing more than Stimulus II: bailouts for public-employee unions, temporary tax cuts that create debt and not jobs, and more crony capitalism. I will oppose President Obama’s statist policies and work to repeal job-killing laws like ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial-regulatory bill.

More on Economy and Jobs

Nov 14, 2014 Press Release

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt: 202-225-3772

Cotton Votes to Approve Keystone Pipeline

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) released the following statement on today’s passage of legislation to approve the Keystone Pipeline:

Oct 16, 2014 Press Release

Contact: Doug Coutts: 202-225-3772

Cotton Applauds Georgia-Pacific’s $37 Million Investment at Gurdon Lumber Operations 

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) today issued the following statement applauding Georgia-Pacific’s $37 million investment in its lumber operations in Gurdon, Arkansas:

Sep 30, 2014 Press Release

Contact: Doug Coutts: 202-225-3772

Cotton Applauds New Raytheon Contract

Aug 28, 2014 Press Release

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt (202) 225-3772

Cotton Requests USDA Extend Loan Repayment Date for Turner Grain Farmers

May 23, 2014 Cotton Blog

House Financial Service Committee 

Sep 30, 2013 Press Release
Contact: Caroline Rabbitt202-225-3772
Cotton Statement on Passage of the Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2014
Washington, D.C. - Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) released the following statement after tonight’s vote on the Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2014:
Aug 23, 2013 Cotton Blog
  • Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel: This week I had the opportunity to visit the McGeorge family at Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel. Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel is a great local business rich with Arkansas history. In fact, this year they are celebrating the anniversary of their 100th year in business! I want to congratulate them on this important milestone! I look forward to hearing about their continued success and the important contributions they make to the community. 
  • District Meetings: I had several great meetings across Arkansas this week.
Jun 28, 2013 Cotton Blog
  • Washington Has a Spending Problem: On Tuesday, 6 year-old Levi White visited my office and we talked about his share of the national debt. Read more about our chat here.
Jun 9, 2013 Cotton Blog
  • Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee Hearing: This week the House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa held an important hearing on the Obama Administration’s Syria policies. As you may know, the situation in Syria is getting worse every day.
Jun 1, 2013 Cotton Blog