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Cotton Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Nov 24, 2013
Press Release

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt (202) 225-3772

Cotton Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement 

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) released the following statement on the agreement reached among Iran, the United States, and other nations over Iran’s nuclear-weapons program:

“With this agreement, the United States has suffered an unmitigated, humiliating defeat and Iran has won a total victory.  The United States will ease sanctions and give the mullahs billions of dollars in return for their empty promises.  Iran will keep enriching uranium, keep its stockpiles of highly enriched uranium, keep its plutonium-producing reactor, and keep its missile program.

“President Obama promises that sanctions will be reapplied if—really, when—Iran violates this agreement, but his promises can no longer be trusted.  Thus, it’s up to Congress to protect our country.  The way to stop Iran from going nuclear and to avoid military action by any nation is to tighten sanctions, not ease them.  The House earlier this year passed the bipartisan Nuclear Iran Prevention Act with 400 votes.  I urge the Senate to pass similar legislation immediately by a similar veto-proof majority.  If President Obama won’t protect America, then Congress must.

“I fear that future generations may view what happened in Geneva as we have viewed Munich for 75 years.  What makes this moment worse is that the West appeased Hitler at Munich out of fear and weakness.  President Obama capitulated at Geneva even though we were in a position of strength given the sanctions regime.  One can only imagine the thinking behind this grievous, historic mistake.”